Saturday, July 2, 2016

Arizona Bike Week

27 Finishing the first vacation at Arizona Bike Week …

This was Arizona Bike Week and it was taking place in a couple of locations.  On Friday, April 8, Dewey and I headed to Westworld – the official Arizona Bike Week put on by Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale.  Of course, this one you had to pay to enter, but that’s because they have different concerts going on.  I wasn’t interested in those. 

Row after row after row.  There was lots of eye candy in the parking lot where we were.  And there were multiple lots.
Woo hoo.  I love animal print.

I like the low fenders and bags.  Just don't want one.
I've not seen this Guardian Angel before. 
The other thing that happens at bike weeks are vendors, vendors and more vendors.  I figured I should at least get the shirt that said I was there.  I did.   
I always like to see cop bikes ... even if they aren't Harleys.
It was fun to wander around, look at bikes and walk up and down aisle-after-aisle of vendors.  On occasion you see something you’ve not seen before. 
I'm always interested in seeing other patches.  I liked the color of this one.

A new friend was getting her trike blinged out.

There were some big wheels on some of the bikes ...
And one of the best things was watching a riding demonstration by the Scottsdale Police Department Drill Team.  They blow your mind with how far over they can take a bike without falling.

I'm always in awe of drill team riders.

I bet we could do this.

But probably not this.
On April 9, Saturday, Verlie and I rode to Westgate – the other motorcycle shops alternative for Arizona Bike Week.  This one you didn’t pay to enter, but I didn’t find a T-shirt there … it wasn’t official.  Oh well.  I had more than enough shirts by now.

There was no lack of vendors at this venue either, though.  There are covers for everything on your bike, but I didn't buy anything.  Surprise.  I must be getting trinketed out.

There were also a lot of colors being flown, but everyone seemed to be getting along.  Yay.  This was an interesting patch, and yes, I ask permission to take photos and use them on my blog.
This style always makes me think of bugs.

A ride-through bar.  Verlie and I should have done this.  Next time.
My last weekend … and on Sunday, April 10, Joe, Verlie and I headed south to Casa Grande to meet our friend Snohog (Jerry) for lunch.  The weather was not promising, but we rode anyway.  Yep, got my butt a little wet because I didn’t want to put on chaps, or a helmet, or even a hat.  We arrived.  Snohog hadn’t ridden.  What?????  We sure gave him a ration of crap for that.

The dude in shorts is the one that didn't ride.
Once we’d finished lunch we ended up out in front of the Cracker Barrel rocking in the chairs they have there.  We spent some time as a huge storm came over … wind, lightning, thunder, heavy rain.  We didn’t have to be back at the house right away and took our time.  Besides, we got to spend more time visiting.

Then we were homeward bound.  And it wasn’t bad at all.

On Monday, April 11, I headed to Sun City, and my friends, the Peeps, Ken and Judi.  I’d spend a couple of days with them, before the final preparations for heading home.

I met them at the house, getting lost.  I got to the street, but rode by the house twice.  I don’t know why I have such a hard time finding their place.  It’s got a great front yard and it’s distinctive.  Oh well.  Found them.  Then we were off for burgers with friends.  And then, best part, some card playing.  I was exhausted by the time we finally got to bed.

The next day we got my bike over to Arrowhead Harley for a 60,000-mile service.  It’s not quite there, but close, and I wanted to be sure it was ready for this summer’s trip.  I’d need a tire in a few thousand miles, but the service will be done. 

We decided to go to a movie, and then to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  That’s a favorite place of mine when visiting them.  Some other friends came along, and then it was more card playing.  I love to play cards, but this is about the only time I do it.  Bed, and then tomorrow I’ll spend some time and head back to Gilbert.

Wednesday, April 13, arrived and I went with Judi to a clothing store where she, and some other friends, were modeling clothing, and helping do some sales.  It was fun, and I found a few cruising clothes for my next cruise adventure.  Before I knew it, we were back on the streets.  It was time for lunch, and then I had to pack up the small bag I’d brought and head back over to Joe and Verlie’s.  It always seems like my time is so short, no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

Thursday, April 14, I spent time repacking the things that stay here, and getting my suitcase and camera gear bag packed and ready to go.   I wasn’t leaving until the next afternoon, but I like to wash clothes and have everything clean when I head out on trips.  My bike here is clean and serviced, my bags that I leave here are ready … now it’s all about the saying good bye (waaaaaahhhhhhh) and leaving and heading home. 

Home, sweet, home, Friday, April 15.  It’s always good to be back home again.  ‘Cept my Tuffy-boy wasn’t here.