Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday, August 1

The first day of August. Wow, where did the summer go? There's still time, but it all seems to have flown by this year. Of course, they say the older you get, the quicker time flies. I believe that is true.

I pretty much wasted the day. I puttered around the house a bit, but needed a nap bad. A couple of Beagles and I hit naptime for a few hours.

Hobbs got my little car, the PT Cruiser, started and I took it for a drive. The battery wasn't charging so he jumped it. I brought it home and will try to start it again tomorrow. He said something about some security system being on or something. It's all Greek to me. I just drive 'em, or ride 'em.

Called Susan, Dennis's sister. He got home from the hospital today and is doing very well. She'll probably stay until next Monday to help him out. I'll talk to her again in a day or so.

So, a lazy day … but I think I needed it, and the rest.

Sunday, July 31
A not so nice day. Cloudy, supposed to rain. YUK!!!

We met at Zookeeper's to ride out to the Valley for the HOG chapter 1836 anniversary party. It was going to be an eating kind of day. Still need to stop this.

Ride to the Valley, eat. Ride back to Anchorage, eat.

Hit some rain, but not enough to really matter. But it poured after we got to the Valley and the Harley shop there. We were out of it. Hung for a while and then the chapter did a poker run. Our folks elected to have lunch.

Just an ordinary day ... enjoying friends and a meal or two together. And that's all I have to say about that in the famous words of Forrest Gump!!!

Saturday, July 30
I picked up Susan, Dennis's sister from the airport early this a.m. She and I hit it off. Got her home, and situated and then back to our house to get a few hours sleep.

Up and at 'em early as a friend was coming through the airport and we were going to go visit him for a while. I still had about $14 left on that Starbucks card and was ready to finish it off.

We got out to the airport a little after 7 a.m. and found Ken. He and his wife now live in Arizona, but had lived here for many years, in fact in Soldotna where they acquainted us with Acapulco's Mexican Restaurant where I had my first and always the best chicken chipolte.

They kept a home in Soldotna for several years, but have now moved to Arizona lock, stock and dog. Visited her, Judi, on my trip this year and went to their Arizona home for the first time. She's done a beautiful job of decorating, and it looks like something out of a magazine.
Hobbs and I had a great visit with Ken, except I couldn't find the Starbucks card. We had coffee from some other place, and then I found the card, of course.

Left the airport and headed to the Corral for breakfast. I love their chipped beef on a biscuit. My Mom used to make that stuff when I was a kid. Loved it then; love it now. Filled up our growling tummies and then headed home. We had to get ready to go to a barbecue for a 60th birthday party for a dear friend. I was giving her one of the Joe Redington books because she was in the Ladies of Harley photo from the 90s that is included.

Went to meet Susan and show her how to get to Fred Meyers on Dimond, near Dennis's house, and then to the hospital. We spent time drinking coffee and getting even more acquainted. Then I had to run to get home in time to go eat again. Good grief. Too much food.

Had a super time visiting with friends at the Princess' 60th birthday barbecue. Great food, great friends. What more could you ask for????

Actually, what you always want for a blog is a topic. And sitting there enjoying the food, sun and camaderie, there it was, right across the street. The balcony to nowhere.

The balcony to nowhere.  And your thoughts on this would be???
Alaska seems to have a lot of things to nowhere ... the bridge to nowhere, the road to nowhere, and now the balcony to nowhere. It's just attached to the side of the house. No door or sliding windows, just a balcony. And it stands out because it's a different color than the house. It started some great conversation ... why is it there? Why is there no way to get to it? How do you change the flag that's hanging from it? We made up all kinds of things, most of which are not really publishable. Let's just say you can make your own comments and story about it. I'm only giving you the fodder to be creative.