Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Last Week

On Wednesday, May 24, Stef and I went to breakfast and then parted ways.  She rode north heading back to Redwood City, California, and I went south.  It’s always sad to part, but we were on our way to the final chapter of this journey.

My path was leading me to Beatty, Nevada, to pick up my battery.  I arrived, gassed up and headed to the Atomic Inn where we’d stayed.  The office was locked.  What!!!  Until 3:30?  I was there shortly after noon, and I didn’t have time to hang around here.  I had places to be. 

I went looking through the buildings to see if I could find someone that could help me.  Nope.  I saw trailers in back, so I went and knocked on doors.  No one answered.  I saw a building with a yard attached … but it had what appeared to be a pit bull in it.  He seemed to be friendly, but I wasn’t going to step into the yard to find out first-hand.  I knocked on the wall.  No response.  I stood in the driveway between the office and the motel units and yelled great obscenities.

Then I went around the front of the motel office and saw another attachment to it.  I went there and knocked.  Someone answered.  Yay.  Now … “Do you have access to the office?”  Yep.  The young man retrieved my battery and I was on my way.  Finally.

I was back on the road and headed for my final stop for the night … Boulder City, Nevada.  It was nice to get there although my GPS took me in the back way that included a road closure and a detour.  Oh well.  I arrived.

The next morning, Thursday, May 25, I was headed to Sun City to stay with my friends, the Peeps, for a few days.  But first, I was making a stop to have lunch with a lady I’d met on the Women on Wheels website, Kristin. This is the second time we’ve done this … and it’s been pleasant. 
Kristin and me at Arrowhead.
A stop at Arrowhead Harley didn’t hurt either.  I wanted them to check my tire pressure because if I needed a tire I’d get a bike wash that would take off two weeks of bugs.  Nope.  Tires are still good.  Crap.  Now I've got to wash it myself.

I found the Peeps’ place this time just like I knew where I was going.  We had a great couple of days … playing cards, helping eat a birthday cake for Ken, going to the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and a trip to COSTCO where I found the makings for a new favorite dip. 
I know ... doesn't sound that great ... but it is ... with a few other ingredients, but these are the main two.
On Sunday, May 28, I left the Peeps just after they went to church.  I headed over to Gilbert to my friends, Joe and Verlie.  On my way there I noticed a place called IFly … indoor skydiving.  I could do this.  I mentioned it to Joe and Verlie.  Joe … no.  Verlie … I’ll watch.  We’ll see.

We had other things to do.  Monday, May 29, there was a Memorial Day rally at the National Cemetery.  We were up at 3:30 a.m., an ungodly hour, and on the road by 4:30.  The ride was beautiful, with the sun coming up and orange and pink flecks in the sky coming over the mountains.  The weather was cool enough to wear my fleece shirt.  We arrived at the cemetery and had a flag line going down the street where folks would be coming in for the ceremony.  We stayed a few hours and then were gone … to get a bite to eat and head back to the house for much-needed naps. 
There were flags flying everywhere ... it's great to see the red, white and blue.
It was a great couple of days … with massages and facials, dips in the pool, errands, a hair cut, the flag line.  And I decided to do the IFLY.  What a trip.  You get dressed in a jump suit, and have some instruction. 
I'll be flying.
You’re in a wind tunnel and fly with 105-120 mph wind coming up at you.  What a kick that was. 
Maybe I will try jumping out of a perfectly good airplane now.
My time was up and I headed home June 1.  It was a great few months, and there’s more to come.  Stay tuned.

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